ACE offers the following services to all of its customers:
1. Anyone may list, sell, or negotiate to sell their businesses or properties in the ACE marketplace for absolutely free.  Just register and start using the marketplace to sell your business without the costs and expenses of any intermediary.  We wish you the best of luck!!!
2. All customers may, without cost or expense, browse through the marketplace to locate potential businesses or properties which they may have an interest in and contact the Seller directly without any interference from ACE.  Just register and start browsing. 
3. If you are seeking to purchase or sell a specific property, or would like to take a look at the business opportunities that ACE has to offer through its own inventory or connections and contacts with lenders, clients, customers and other real estate associates, you may register and describe the type of opportunity you are looking for and we will set up a meeting to set up a possible relationship. ACE is open to any type of business including Hospitality, C-Stores, Shopping Centers, Undeveloped Real Estate, Franchising, etc.  Or you may call us at 281-565-4625.
4. If you are a purchaser and would like to obtain financing, you may register and let us know more about your needs.  We have established relationships with dozens of lenders, both in and out of the State, and we are confident that we can help you secure acceptable financing for well qualified projects. Or you may call us at 281-565-4625.
5. If you would like to purchase notes or other negotiable instruments at “deep discounts”, you may register with ACE and we will set up a meeting to set up a possible relationship.  We have relationships with many lenders and financial institutions that may have notes or other instruments that may be sold at prices that may be of interest to you.  If you are an experienced investor willing to take on larger risk for larger reward, we would love to meet with you. Please call us at 281-565-4625.